Portable 48v / 100W Battery Pack - Best config?

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Portable 48v / 100W Battery Pack - Best config?

Hey everyone..

I have a question for the battery gurus.. :).. I need to power a portable 48v device pulling 100 watts. To accomplish this, I want to purchase a four-pouch lead-acid battery belt (seen here: http://www.bescor.com/image/PRB24NC4459_Copy402.gif) containing four 12 volt batteries, and then wire them in series to get to 48v.

The normal output of the belt (total) is rated at 14.4ah @ 12v. Once I have wired them in series, A> how long will my device last on a single charge if it is pulling 100 watts (2.08a @ 48v)


B> what would be the best charging device for this configuration (I was thinking a 48v scooter charger, but at what amperage would be best??)

Many thanks for your time!!


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Re: Portable 48v / 100W Battery Pack - Best config?

Lead acid batteries shouldn't be discharged more than 80% so 14.4Ahx0,8=11,52Ah available.
Since you are discharging them at more than the rated C20-value of 0,72A you have to calculate on loosing some availble energy because of the "Peukerts effect".
My guess is that your usable energy is around 10Ah.
10Ah/2.08A=4,8h, so around 5 hours of use.

A scooter charger works fine, you should not use a charger that charges at more than 5A. 2-3A would be the best.

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