Thinking About buying A Prodeco Phantom X2

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Re: Thinking About buying A Prodeco Phantom X2

I enjoy your posts and I can assure you that nobody here thinks you are stupid.

We are all interested in your experiences.


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Re: Thinking About buying A Prodeco Phantom X2

Prodeco has failed again to provide me with matching return shipping and hazmat labels for the bike, and hasn't even replied to my last email of three days ago. Tonight after work I'm going to reopen the shipping box, lift out the heavy (despite the aluminum frame and detached front wheel) bike, then remove the battery pack and charger (which is in a separate box), then repack everything so I can ship the bike, sans, pack and hazmat label, back. After that it's a matter of either deciding on a fair price for me to just keep the pack and charger (I offered $250, they countered with $330, but that was before I realized I couldn't use if with the EZIP I'm now actually riding) or finding a way to send them the pack and charger back separately, for a full refund. I'd much prefer the latter, since if I keep the pack I have to either resell it or come up with a project bike that could use it, and I'm just not up to that. In either case this has turned out to another total Clusterf*ck.

In addition, the crooks over at "Bill Me Later" have been sitting on the check I sent them to pay off the loan. The payment was due on 11/28, my postal delivery confirmation says they got it on 11/26, but they claim not to have received it. This will allow them to charge a boatload of interest on what otherwise would have been an interest-free, fee-only loan, by claiming that the payment was late.

I wish to hell I had become interested in stamp collecting instead of EVs.

Edit: I just checked my balance again, and the two emails, one phone call, and one *very* negative customer satisfaction survey have worked. The balance owed at Bill Me Later magically went from the full amount of the loan yesterday, to $0.00 this morning, with no mail delivery in between.

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Re: Thinking About buying A Prodeco Phantom X2

I don't know how old this thread is but thought i'd comment anyway in case it helps someone.

I own a Phantom X2. Love this bike! I've had it for over 2 years. I bought it with the idea of weaning myself into biking and getting in shape. It has allowed me to start biking long distances without the fear of not being able to reach my destination due to exhaustion. And with electric assist you can control your peddle time versus battery time and gradually increase your peddling as you get stronger. I use it for commuting to work. My commute Is 20 miles up some hilly terrain and have never had any kind of problem. This thing has POWER! I have over 5000 miles logged on it. The only maintenance I've had to do is replace tires once, replace brake pads once and periodically adjust the brake pads. Yeah, I agree that you have to adjust them periodically due to rubbing but it's not that big a deal. I'm not too worried about the extra resistance if they rub once in a while. Heck it's an electric bike! The motor can handle any minor resistance you will encounter! besides, Prodeco Tech will give you a free set of brake pads every year if you have my same brakes.

I've added some goodies to it. A handle-bar extension to sit a little better upright, A water bottle carrier clamped on the seat post, a couple of really cool LED headlights, A handle-bar mount for a blue tooth speaker,a 2" round mirror mounted on the left handle bar tube (it clamps internally) and a handle-bar mounted carrier for my smartphone. I've also replaced the foot peddles for clip-less peddles and a front fender to keep the road gunk out of my teeth on rainy days. Oh, and for those cold winter days (20-35 degrees)bar mitts to keep my fingers from falling off with the cold. I thought about changing the seat but this one is pretty comfortable. Not needed.

The only downside - people need to understand that this is a commuter style bike. It's not designed for off-road use. Although it looks like a mountain bike it is not. Also, it is pretty heavy. If you are far from home and run out of battery be prepared to get an extreme workout getting home. My battery died recently and I had to hard peddle this heavy bike (it's about 85 lbs with my pack)for the final 9 miles home up some "man-killer" hills. What normally takes me 30 minutes with battery assist took me the better of 3 hours.

Other than that, Love, Love, Love it. Also, with what I've saved on gas for the time I've had it - It's paid for itself. Oh and don't be fooled about that nasty thumb-throttle. I don't have any problems with it at all with my twenty mile commute summer or winter. Unless, of course, I have a super-human thumb! Lol!


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