GM accelerating electric vehicle technology development, in China

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I just wrote up this news article that seems to be a fairly important sign that GM is seriously into electric vehicles (this time) for the long haul.


GM accelerating electric vehicle technology development, in China

Jon Lauckner, , GM Chief Technology Officer, vice president of Global Research & Development, and president of GM Ventures, is at a trade conference in Beijing right now. He spoke about GM's research into electrification technology and that in a few years there is potential to double the energy density of battery packs in electric vehicles.

GM has been dropping hints about that all year long .. such as Dan Akerson talking about a Chevy Volt with a 200 mile electric range ( in a few years. When it's a CEO who came from outside the car industry saying that, some dismiss it as hot air, but in this case it is the head of GM's global research who's predicting a big jump in energy density.

Original press release:


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