Terry Hershner's cross country 3500+ mile trip on a 2012 Zero S ZF9 electric motorcycle

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Terry Hershner's cross country 3500+ mile trip on a 2012 Zero S ZF9 electric motorcycle

My writeup: http://www.torquenews.com/1075/how-did-terry-hershner-travel-3500-miles-electric-motorcycle-6-days

A middle of the night charging stop in West Texas

At one West Texas location he was unable to access the charging station, but was able to talk a truck service center into letting him use a power outlet normally used by a welder

Charging at an RV park

Odometer partway into the trip

He was able to snag charging at many Nissan dealerships

He is able to use both the 120- and 240- volt sides of ChargePoint stations

Zero Motorcycles press release

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., (Dec. 13, 2012) – Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in electric motorcycle technology, today announced that one of their customers and an avid electric advocate, Terry Hershner recently rode his 2012 Zero S 3500 miles in a total of six days as part of a demonstration to showcase the possibility of electric vehicles and motorcycles as cross country options for transportation. Hershner logged nearly 1000 miles in his home state of Florida before heading west where he completed an additional 2500 miles in four days to reach western Texas before loading up to attend the North American debut of Zero Motorcycles 2013 Launch event, held in conjunction with the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, California this past weekend.

“Terry Hershner is a pioneer in the world of electric motorcycles. His determination to accomplish such a feat speaks volumes about his character and we are thankful to have him as part of the Zero family,” said Scot Harden, Vice President of Global Marketing for Zero Motorcycles. “This also speaks volumes about the future of electric motorcycles. The Zero S performed flawlessly and is now ready for its trip back home to Florida.”

While the Zero S is designed for primarily urban use, Hershner modified his 2012 Zero S to make the long distance journey. Complete with three Delta Q QuiQ chargers, two Elcon PFC 2500 chargers and a J1772 car charging port Hershner was able to reduce charging time from eight hours to less than one hour. During the course of this adventure Hershner would alternate between 45 minutes of riding and 45 minutes of charging to complete the ride.

“I just wanted to prove a point and show that we aren’t far away from real cross country travel on electrical vehicles. My Zero performed flawlessly and allowed me to cover an average of 500 miles a day,” said Terry Hershner. “I also learned a lot about the electric vehicle charging infrastructure and while we’ve made great progress there is still a ways to go to build the system out on a national basis. I hope to showcase the growing infrastructure by doing similar cross country rides in the future.

Terry will be looking to set the first coast to coast motorcycle record by departing Santa Cruz, Calif. the end of December and making his way back home to Orlando, Fla. You can follow Terry’s ride back to Florida and check out photos and updates on Facebook, Facebook.com/Life off the Grid.

About Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles is committed to transforming the motorcycling experience by bringing to market highly innovative electric motorcycles that offer exceptional value and performance. Zero is powered by innovation, driven by passion, guided by integrity, and measured by results. Through extensive research, insight and experience, Zero combines the art and science of motorcycle development to create and manufacture products that excite consumers and inspire brand loyalty. Zero is determined to be the preeminent global electric motorcycle company.

For more information on Zero Motorcycles or to learn more about its complete motorcycle line including the Zero S, Zero DS, Zero XU, Zero MX and Zero X motorcycles, visit: http://www.zeromotorcycles.com.

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