EV clubs and promoting "Green"

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EV clubs and promoting "Green"

There is a new club on the world wide web, http://evclub.org/ so if you want to be a member of something green like V then maybe try it out. I also noticed that there is plug in America too. http://www.pluginamerica.org/

I am hoping that just as if one needs a "351" for their FORD, soon some one can go to local "bone-yard" and get EV parts. Most ICE vehicles have front, mid, or rear engine and different flavors like LP, gasoline, and diseasele and one can find lots of parts to make other types of vehicles with excesses into dune buggies, NEV, and specialty vehicles with old parts. Soon every one will have pure electrics filling up "bone yards" for us to get parts to make "stuff".

That is why I like to support a club that has to do with EV for I would like to tinker with the different controllers, AC & DC ,different types of motors, AC & DC, and all the different types of power sources - batteries. Hey for you guys across the specific ocean? diseasele = diesel.
Just remembering our illustrious pres of our club from NEEAA

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