How to override faulty temperature sensor / flashing battery and temp lights

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How to override faulty temperature sensor / flashing battery and temp lights

I have been experiencing a problem with flashing battery and temperature warning lights, which causes my Vextrix NiMH to refuse to charge, even when the bike has been un-used in subzero Celsius for days. This usually only happens when it is humid (which here in the UK has been the case since last spring due to constant rain). I have tried sealing the connector and the temp sensor itself as suggested on this forum, but the problem still exists. Eventually I will install The Lairds software which, I have read, solves the problem.
In the meantime however, I chanced upon a simple workaround which may be of help to other owners with this problem:

Symptoms: Vectrix refuses to charge when displaying flashing battery and temperature lights - speedometer needle goes round, fans come on for, somewhere around 10 - 20 seconds, then the charger turns itself off.
Cure:1: Switch off the red kill switch on right hand handlebar / throttle. 2: Switch on ignition key. Dashboard lights up but with no flashing battery / temperature lights. 3: Switch mains switch to charger lead off and then on again while ignition is still switched on. 4: Switch off ignition. 5: Charging starts as normal.
This has worked 5 times in a row for me.
Hope this is helpful

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