How to Avoid Double (3x, 4x ...) Posting On VIFV

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How to Avoid Double (3x, 4x ...) Posting On VIFV

Sadly, this site seems prone to this problem (and it *isn't* just me!).

I discovered this morning that yesterday that I had done a double post and can remember the issue that probably caused it. Aside from giving the server *plenty* of time to respond when you hit the 'Save' button, what happened to me yesterday was that I got an error resonse from the server - can't remember exactly what it said but the implication was clear (or so I thought), i.e. the post had not worked.

At this point I though 'A-ha-haaaa! Perhaps it worked really and this is just a cunning ploy by the server to drive me into an even earlier grave!???" So I reloaded the relevant thread page by clicking 'back' again returning me to the thread and low... no new post.

Fearing all my pearls of wisdom had been lost into the ether I trepidatiously clicked on the 'back' button twice and found my text still there. Hurrah! So I hit the save button again... and it worked!... and consequently caused a double post.

So the moral of all this blathering is - if you get an error from the server, click back, copy your post and paste it into an email or text editor or similar to save it. Then close your browser and reopen it and navigate your way back to the thread you were posting on and see if it hasn't worked after all. If not, go ahead and post it again!

(I haven't tested this last bit yet so it still might not save a double post... Quite why we have to jump through all these hoops anyway is beyond me!)

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