Odering from China

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Odering from China

Has anyone ordered a scooter from China ?

Just wondering what I should expect, how to pay, who to blame if it is broken when arrived ?

Since I am just outside of Boston, I wonder if it would come to Boston.... more likely Maine or NY. So then it needs to be trucked to my house.

What about the MCO and paperwork. Should that be sent to my house after I get it (before)? I think I read that is should NOT be sent WITH the scooter.

Any other info would be great.

I still need time to save the $4000 + for it but I think it will be worth it.... newer technology, newer Li batteries with BMS etc...

BTW, going for the Puma


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Re: Odering from China


If you are interested in a long range Motorcycle/scooter, I Have just finished testing ours and it is ready for the market.

The name of the cycle is the "Nucleus" There is the Nucleus l, ll, base models and the fully loaded models.

The Nucleus has the capability of being your personal mode of transportation. When you turn the key or unlock it remotely, It will say to you, "Hi _____I am on and ready to ride"
When you shut it off, it will say to you, "Thanks, that was a great ride ______"

It has lights a long the side of the cycle that gives the appearance that it is breathing.

Ours has the capability of reaching 80 mph and riding on the interstate, I have reach 100 per charge using only 65% of the battery pack.

Please see our website www.electroforcecycles.com

These cycles have the best quality on the market and the latest technology.

Here are the specs:

The Cycles Have The Capability Of:
The Cycles Have The Capability Of:
➡ WIFI, cellular and GPS systems.
The Cycles are computer programmed with a wireless system that will monitor your cycles batteries, controller, BMS and motor. Our technicians can log on to your cycle and continue to monitor the health of your batteries and components and alert you when you need service.
➡ Tight Security.
Call us we can locate your cycle by it’s GPS; log onto it, shut the power down to the controller so it
can not be ridden. We will call you and have it transported back to your home.
➡ Remote control alarm system.
➡ Regenerative Charging on the throttle and the brakes
➡ Reverse, no longer need to push your motorcycle!!!
➡ Full sound system, by the monitoring system, bluetooth to your helmet
➡ Option for cell phone holder
➡ Outlet for charging cell phone
➡ Neon running lights along the side for visibility
➡ Option for extra lights on the front for visibility
➡ Plenty of room for storage under the seat, as well as option for additional luggage box.
➡ Computer diagnostic battery management system
GBS, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries 14” wheels
Kelly Controller
Smart BMS with display
Charged from empty 6 hours


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Re: Odering from China

if you are going to buy from china, make sure to use paypal to protect yourself, and be ready to quite possibly receive something different than what you order, or order a new item and open the mail and discover a used product. you can try using taobao to get really really good deals, but always protect yourself.

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Re: Odering from China

I would second your comment. Most of the Chinese materials I've ordered directly have worked fine, albeit often they didn't match the description of what was originally ordered. The problem comes when you. . .um.. . .have a problem. Customer service is spotty at best. Some firms are excellent, others apparently will have ceased to exist 45 minutes after you placed your order. Paypal is a good choice because they will almost always be able to recover your funds should something not show up or show up horribly wrong.

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