Is this the final end for "Better Place"

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Is this the final end for "Better Place"

Now it would appear that even Carlos Ghosn, has abandoned the "Better Place" business model. No new Renault or Nissan models will be produced incorporating " Better Place" battery swapping features.

Having lost first the founding CEO, Shai Aggassi and then the non-politician CEO, Even Thornley, Better Place have announced that the company will only operate in Israel and possibly Denmark as retailers of charging posts.

Better Place has squandered nearly $800 million in capital,and is servicing less than 800 cars in Israel with it's absurd battery swapping scheme.

As I predicted 4 years ago, Better Place was always based on a totally impractical, unworkable, and bizarre concept. Better Place made countless wild and completely false statements. Employee behaved more like cult devotees than employees of a commercial enterprise. Better Place had all the hall-marks of a scam. (In the end, it may prove to have been more of a mass delusion, rather than a deliberate scam).

As Better Place staggers toward bankruptcy, it's just one more instance of how the over-enthusiasm for 'green' projects, in 2007-2010, led to otherwise astute business people suspending all reality,and common-sense, in the rush to back such projects.

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