Another use for scooters

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Another use for scooters

We got a Harbor Freight tool store in Salem New Hampshire just like a California Harbor Freight. So since the prices were so good I got a 100 PSI 1/2 Cu foot per minute air compressor for kick around use. I noticed upon taking it apart it had a small tread mill motor in it. So I plugged it in my XM-3000 and it ran. Well slowly, but it ran and up to 75 PSI. Then I unplugged it for I didn't want to over work and under-voltage unit in first day. I also tried my DeVilbiss air compressor and it too worked. It might work better on 72 or 84 volts but what the heck. All I need is 35 to 50 pounds and not too fast. My Mac Book Pro even works on 60 volts too. I do know if it did get up to pressure the switch would arc on because of it is an AC switch and not DC rated so it doesn't have magnetic blow outs like Curtis uses on their contractors. I use my scooter for Ham radio a lot. It has a nice big DC - DC converter to 13.8 volt at 25 amperes. When I plugger Central Pneumatic in my 96 volt car it really screamed so I have to guess a 84 volt pack fully charged it about tops for those oil less compressors. The price is 50% off for $39.95 this week at least here in this area. It is a new store and I have a new play toy. So a lot you can do with a 60 to 84 volt system.

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