3x VX-1's breaking for spares

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3x VX-1's breaking for spares

I have available 3 VX-1's that I am breaking for spares.
Two have been stripped to bare chassis (available with registration documents) so all parts available including a rare pig-tail charger and a latest revision motor controller - body panels (bright red / dark green) - lights - wiring looms - shocks - forks - wheels - motors - gearboxes etc etc etc...
The third is complete (unregistered with V55) in blue but will need attention to batteries - possible cell disfunction / sensor issue - if anyone is interested?
I am looking to sell all of the above in order to maximise the return to investors in my now defunct company but will be happy to negotiate on price - given that the parts are 'used'and have no gaurantee - and to co-operate in shipping around the World - at your expense.

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Re: 3x VX-1's breaking for spares

If you have an ESD charger available I am interested to purchase one.
The ESD charger is the original silver one. So NOT the gold Runke charger.
Also the rubber mounting bushes for the rear swingarms if they are still in good condition.
And two brake lever pushrods with springs including the rubber protection if the springs are still ok.

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Re: 3x VX-1's breaking for spares


Where are you based in the UK? Please could you kindly PM your contact details to me? Thanks for your help

Best wishes,



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