Vectrix Lithium conversion with A123 20A/H packs.

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Re: Vectrix Lithium conversion with A123 20A/H packs.

Why it was difficult??? I do hope you carefully read yokneamcity's posts and looked even more carefully at the many photos he posted of his battery build? This is one of the most complex ways to build a Lithium-based battery, with probably hundreds of hours of in part hard, in other parts simply monotonous and tiresome work!

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Re: Vectrix Lithium conversion with A123 20A/H packs.

To electricatalan and MEroller:
Maybe in my next project will use cells with hard case as Winston,GBS or Calb. Working with this type of cell it seems to me much easier.Simply insert. connect the conductor plates and tighten the bolts. But A123 have better parameter as internal resistance and can give high current.
I spent a lot of hours on this project. Gender year.
It was necessary to develop a box. I took the idea from OSN power. But some of the details I have developed yourself.
OSN-POWER does not compress the cells in their batteries. Therefore, my first battery I bought had swollen packages after month of using.
To compress the cells had to be put in PCB 2mm thick between each cell.
It is necessary to compensate the gap between the cells.
The top plastic plate with contacts has 2mm spacing between cells.
I am looking for a solution how to compress the cell. I did not have additional space into Scooter battery box to use bolts.
I helped steel tapes and band it tool. I thought about how and where do I place the BMS. Because BMS is designed for cells in a hard case.
There were other problems:
When I connected the contacts of cells with metal plates. (They are attached with two screws)
The plate bent in the middle(you can see it on photo) and it gave a poor contact between the cells.I had to drill all the plates in the middle and add the wood screw.


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