Best BMS for Lithium powered XM-3100

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Best BMS for Lithium powered XM-3100

Hi All
Does anyone have suggestions for a BMS for my lithium powered XM-3100 (it is a OEM version that came with 19 thunder-sky batteries). One of the cells caught fire during normal (right after a short trip) five of the cells were damaged. I bought 5 new ones only to find out that mixing old (be it lightly used only 3000 miles) cells and new one is not a good idea. I have two questions for the thread,

1) what it a recommended BMS for 60 volt, 19 3.2 v cells, 40 amp system?
2) if I put a BMS system can I mix the old and new cells?


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Re: Best BMS for Lithium powered XM-3100

I don't think that you will have trouble mixing old and new cells unless the scooter's calender age is much older than 3000 miles suggests. I replaced a cell (60AH GBS) on my Current scooter at about 6000 miles and 2 years of age and it charges up and balances fine.

I am curious about the conditions that led to the fire.

There seem to be a lot of BMS options out there - much more than when I was converting my first LiFePO4 scooter from Pb-acid. But I can't recommend anything specific. I put my BMS together from a kit that is no longer available.

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