Discussion on EV bikes in general - where and how to search for them

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Discussion on EV bikes in general - where and how to search for them

Searching for real EV motorcycles out there.

If you go through life watching the “boob tube” or reading the newspaper, you might find ads for Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford, BMW, and a hundreds other car and truck vehicles. Rarely if ever will you see an ad for BMW electric scooters, Zero EV scooters or the relatively extinct Vectrix or large Exreme scooters or any of the Chinese scooters. If it weren't for You tube, I wouldn't have known that Tharo EV purchased the rights to VX-2? Also the real range of the Zero motorcycles. I was shocked hearing they achived 112 miles range and had a relative good top speed. Spending 14 or 15 grand wasn't an option to see if it was really true. I was searching the web for people who smoke tested the Zero and found the truth about electric motorcycles. Fifty eight point eight miles to dead Dead and loaded on a pick up truck. Now I think that is more realistic! I couldn't be more happier than I am or was with my VX-1 and looked into VX-2 then finding out Vectrix is, well, you know.
A lot of people join V and read this post. So if you find something that can enlighten EVers then why not post something here so we can search a particlular URL? David has this set up like files and folders and pull down tabs so browse through and post something about EV scooters, cars, trikes, trucks, and yes even skate boards and chairs. Some one on EAA wrote about a bar stool and a couch. There are lots of EV scooters out there and hard to do a real good search for them because one – rearely advertise them like Fords and two who really cares? Well, us of course. I feel if more people bought into the green movement it would come viable to sell and buy at a price we can afford.
I really like the Honda Ruckus styling and found a scooter on eBay,then did more searches. Soon I found an electric scooter, the Eagle 500 Watt 72 volt by Daymak. So maybe others can post their scooters on one of the Visforvoltage choices for people who are searching for a particular vehicle can look up in a proper category. There are Dorby Works in Floida and some one in Michagan making scooters also like I believe a model is C-130. I thought that was what I worked on in the Air Force but any ways , one can Google it.
Since my scooters are old and need brakes, batteries, and controllers, I might as well do some cutting and welding to make a repairable, serviceable scooter out of old bikes, including XM-3100 and VX-1 till I find a reliable serviceable scooter with a real range before I spend big monies.
So post a reply and let the EV world know where to look and join a local EV chapter like NEEAA of EAA. Going green is fun but searching for a nice EV is not fun. At least for me anyways.
Some one needed a switch for a seat on a vx-1 so there are scooters around that are door stops and in order to re-cycle them, V seems to be a good start. Winter is here so stripping my scooters in order. At least to see what I have and need.
So my point is if a manufacturer of EV motorcycles could post their product in one place or a few places one being here, then maybe we can find what one is looking for. And re-cycle and maybe find what battery packs modules are available to us as an EV~er. Stupid spell checker won't let me make EV er?~ BTW I might be getting the Tharo EV scooter Li+ with Satin Black and Orange colour. It has regen. Forty eight volts and regen. Take a look at you tube vids. Cops use them in Europe.

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Re: Discussion on EV bikes in general - where and how to ...

You might check the "For Sale" section:


...it kind of sounds like the stuff you are looking for.


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Re: Discussion on EV bikes in general - where and how to ...

Can someone help me with a Electric Vehicle Technologies VVX-1 ebike...36v.....hub motor...can find no info

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