New electric scooter - looks good - Ecoreco M3 E-Scooter

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New electric scooter - looks good - Ecoreco M3 E-Scooter

Was sent the press release below - it's for a small stand-up scooter that hits all the factors I want to see. Good power, light enough to carry around, and the steering tube doubles as a carrying handle. This would make it great for carrying on-board a mass transit vehicle, making it a great last mile vehicle for a commute via mass transit.

Eco-friendly & safe battery: LiFePO4 (36 V, 8 Ah)
Economic with zero emissions: 2,000 MPGe*
Foldable & lightweight: 34 lb
Agile & comfortable: 20 MPH*
Sturdy and stylish: 6061-T6 aircraft Aluminum
Rangy & efficient: up to 23 miles per charge*
Battery cycle life: typically 2000+ charge cycles
Charge time: 2.5 hrs to 85% and 4.5 hrs to full
Motor: brushless, regular 250 W, peak 750 W
*Depends on weather, road conditions, rider’s weight and riding patterns. Actual results might vary.

It reminds me somewhat of the Go Motorboard - but unlike that one, this has shock absorbing springs on the front. I can't tell whether the wheels are rubber or hard, and the pictures on the site don't show details very well.

EcoReco Introduces the Most Environmentally-Friendly & Exhilarating Way to Commute

The New EcoReco e-Scooter Is Now Available and Ready to Revolutionize Personal Transportation

San Jose, CA, January 2014 – More than 128 million people commute daily in the U.S., with very few cities providing bike-friendly and other convenient public transportation options. In addition to causing congested traffic, short distance commuting in a vehicle can result in increased polution, stress, and the financial burden of spending between three to five dollars per gallon on gas. EcoReco is changing the short-distance commute with the launch of its patented M3 Electrical Scooter (E-Scooter). The scooter features a direct-drive, brushless hub motor and high-capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery. EcoReco’s e-Scooter is the most eco-friendly and exhilarating ride that will cost just pennies to operate each day.

“At EcoReco, we would like to preserve the environment in a cool and fun way,” says CEO & Co-Founder of EcoReco Jay Sung. “Similar to the way Apple reshaped the smartphone industry in 2007 with the iPhone, our team of environmentally conscious engineers and physicists started with the goal of providing the best user experience possible. We then integrated and developed the best technologies into one complete package. The result is this state-of-the-art design that balances aesthetic, speed, range, portability, control, and cost.”

EcoReco’s e-Scooter is perfect for short-distance commutes, coffee runs, quick visits to crowded downtown stops, strolls among buildings at large college or corporate campuses, casual rides along boardwalks or in parks, or for simply appreciating what the world has to offer. The M3 e-Scooter's quiet, electromagnetic motor results in zero exhaust and gives off no CO2 emissions. A mere one-dollar will power the scooter for 500 miles! EcoReco’s M3 scooter can reach top speeds of 20 mph and travel up to 23 miles per charge on flat ground. Its LFP rechargeable battery is the best high-density battery available from both a health-conscious and environmentally friendly standpoint, and features a smart charger that can quickly charge the battery from zero to 85 percent in just 2 hours, 30 minutes. EcoReco’s safe-start feature on the throttle, along with the sturdy front suspension and the low center of gravity design, helps to ensure a safe and smooth trip from start to finish. The absence of chains and gears allows EcoReco to offer a reliable ride with minimal maintenance, as the risk of dust or dirt affecting performance is eliminated. Not only is the M3 e-Scooter environmentally safe, but also convenient, as the foldable and lightweight design makes the scooter an easily stashable companion for public transportation rides or on longer commutes.

The patented M3 e-Scooter from EcoReco is now available through for $1,199 (USD).

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Re: New electric scooter - looks good - Ecoreco M3 E-Scooter

i don't know the scooter's price is suitable for the scooter or not. but the parameter and the functions looks good. Airwheel M3 is also smart electric hoverboard.

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Re: New electric scooter - looks good - Ecoreco M3 E-Scooter

The Ecoreco M5 is an updated version of the M3 with a lithium battery. It's popular but expensive. A similar e-scooter which has more a powerful 500w motor in the front wheel is the excellent e-twow S2 booster scooter. I've been riding the e-twow S2 for a few months and find it faultless. However, there are some hidden configurations that you can do through the control panel that are not listed in the user manual. Some YouTube videos show them. Does anybody know a full list of configurations for the e-Twow S2 shown here?

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