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Spare parts available

I have dismantled my XM-3000 that has been sitting around for a year, so if anyone in Nor.Cal needs something to keep theirs going, let me know and I will send a picture. The throttle died, which was the last straw in a long string of dead or broken items I have repaired, and since I now have a Vectrix (actually older than the X-treme), I decided to do something about the carcass in the front yard.

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Re: Spare parts available

I sold my XM3000 last year. This week, as I was starting to clean out the garage, I finally found the controller unit that came with it. (The bike barely ran on arrival, and the symptoms matched a broken motor magnet, but I got both a new controller and new hubmotor installed.) The guy who swapped controllers was not kind to the plugs that look like they should come out (but don't) but the unit is intact, with enough wire length exiting it to be spliced. I can't guarantee it works, but it *should* work, and it is virtually unused. Any interest here in it?

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