VW bringing the 2015 e-Golf to the U.S. in late 2014

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VW bringing the 2015 e-Golf to the U.S. in late 2014

A couple weeks ago VW announced some details on the 2015 VW e-Golf, and said it will go on sale in the U.S. in 4th quarter of 2014. They said "selected markets" without explaining that further, and they also did not give a price.

I've written up details here:- http://www.longtailpipe.com/2014/05/vw-e-golf-heading-to-us-in-late-2014.html
VW's press release is here:- http://media.vw.com/release/751/

High points ...

It has a 24 kilowatt-hour battery pack, and VW claims a driving range around 70-90 miles. They don't have an EPA certified range, yet. The default driving mode gives a 0-60 miles/hr time of 10 seconds and 199 ft-lbs torque on a 115 horsepower electric motor. The 7.2 kilowatt on-board charger gives a sub-four-hour charging time. It supports fast charging using the Combo Charging System, for an 80% recharge in about 30 minutes.

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Re: VW bringing the 2015 e-Golf to the U.S. in late 2014

About 3 years ago I was treated to an 8km ride in an e-Golf prototype by a friend who works at Bosch who make the inverter for this vehicle. Even though that was still a prototype the ride was absolutely fabulous, including squeeling front tires at takeoff yet absolute silence from the whole drivetrain - the ride was almost earily quiet and simply a blast :-) What I really liked was the charging port behind the VW logo in the front grille - a trait the e-Golf sadly lost to the upcoming GTE Hybrid :-(

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Re: VW bringing the 2015 e-Golf to the U.S. in late 2014

Sounds lot like my Leaf. Even with the traction control on it will chirp the tires, and with it off it's really something. Great car to race uphill. And the charging port is under the Nissan logo on the nose. ;-)

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