Prius throttle pinout

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I am converting a Honda Insight to electric power. I'm using an HPEV ac-50 motor with a Curtis 1238R controller. The controller has a three wire connection for a hall effect type throttle. The three connections are +5vdc, ground, and signal. The Prius throttle assembly has a 6 pin connecter. Does anyone know which throttle assy. pins I need to connect to the controller?

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Re: Prius throttle pinout

the prius throttle assembly actually has two independant hall sensors

IIRC, one is just the standard 0-5v and the other is 2.5v - 0v

you just need to isolate the 3 pins for the 0 - 5V

the colour codes for the 0 - 5 v are red, black and white usually, (I can't remember what colours the 2.5v - 0v are)


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Re: Prius throttle pinout

Thanks for the info. I was able to connect the prius throttle to my hpev ac-50/Curtis motor-controller combo. It drives nicely. I hope to have the Honda Insight conversion on the road within the month. My goal is to drive it to the EVCCON rally in Missouri this August. That will be about 460 miles each way. I plan to charge it at camp grounds along the way.
You may not remember, but you sent me a couple of programs to download to my 2007 Vectrix vx1, that I converted to 60ah lithiums much like yours. It's been over a year ago. I've been riding that bike daily ever since. I did have a charger failure, so I crammed a TC charger in, much like you did. I love that bike. Since I put the Lithiums in, I've ridden it 11000 miles. I have a buell blast for a backup that I haven't started since last July. Thanks for your response.

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