FS: Suzuki based 3-wheel electric motorcycle project - $300

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FS: Suzuki based 3-wheel electric motorcycle project - $300

Next up on the motorcycles I have for sale - a 3 wheeler based on a 1972 Suzuki, that has an EZ-GO Golf Cart rear end. The rear end is good for 48 volts and when I took it out on the road the thing seemed to top out at 45 miles/hr. It was a blast to ride.


The battery pack is 4x 12 volt 80 amp-hour lead-acid batteries that are in unknown shape. The charger is a golf-cart type large 48 volt charger - obviously there are more normal size 48 volt chargers available. The charging connector is like what you'd use for a boat at a dock, and it has a flap cover.

The controller is made by Logisystems - maybe it was 700 amps? There's a SEVCON DC-DC in the system as well. It has a reversing contactor so you can do forward/reverse with the flip of a lever.

It's not registered - I started to get it registered, and I do have all the paperwork necessary - registration, title, bill of sale, etc going to the original owner. However, I started to rewire it then never finished the registration process.

The wiring is currently incomplete. On the handlebars I was working on integrating controls (turn signal, horn, on-off, etc) sourced as Honda Rebel 250 spare parts. The throttle is a Magura resistive twist-grip, to match the controller.

I bought this in 2006 from the guy who did the EV conversion - for $600. It's been sitting outside - covered - the whole time. The lead acid battery pack is because that's what was available in 2006, eh? If I had the time and space I'd have finished the wiring and put in a 48 volt lithium pack somewhere in the middle.

It's located in Santa Clara CA. I urgently need to sell it. Because I have all the paperwork, I'm sure it's registrable anywhere in the U.S.

Contact: david -at- davidherron -dot- com





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