Is this a good bike to purchase?

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Is this a good bike to purchase?

Hello V is for voltage community, I have a question concerning an electric bicycle that I am considering purchasing. I and it are currently located in British Columbia, Canada, and the person selling it told me that the person they purchased it from acquired it from a Walmart in Colorado, United States of America., and is only approximately two years old and virtually unused by themselves, they claim to have maintained the battery well. To my untrained eye all the tyres, brake pads, frame, standard bicycle side of things, etc… looks in good condition. It is absent an owner's manual.

The bike is a "Trailz-ezip" and also has "Powered by Currie Electrodrive" on a stylized seal/stamp on the centre column. The motor is externally mounted near the left rear tyre, and is a "Currie Motor model XYD-16" with "24V 470rpm 450W". The Battery is a Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) 24 volt 10 amp-hour, with charger; comes with one (1) battery pack but can carry two (2). The battery pack(s) are carried pannier style and lock individually into place with a key (included). The unused battery contact has a rubber insert sealing it. The battery case is a Model "RBM", the charger is of Model QL-09005-132401800H, with 24Vdc 180mA output, and 100-120V 50/60Hz 1.5A input. Electrically, there is a switch on the back above the wheel that switches between one battery pack, the other, or off. If there is a controller it is in a grey box above the rear wheel that is integrated into the design of the battery pack harness, this also forms a rear bike rack. It has a twist throttle on the right side with a three light battery level metre (I assume) near by it and a switch which is labelled "Pass" and "Tag".

On the mechanical side of the bicycle, it has seven gear settings on a twist handle on the left handlebar that reads "SHIMANO 7SIS" it is an external cassette type gear system on the rear wheel, the forward sprocket is singular with a chain guide around it. The brakes have "ARTEK vigorous" written on them. It has a single leg kick stand on the left side and both forward and rear reflectors, rare for a bicycle in my area and surprising hard to get after market.

In your somewhat more informed opinions, is this a good purchase? What price do you think should be paid for it? What would the "Pass" and "Tag" on that switch mean? Would it have regenerative engine braking? How far would it probably travel on the one battery pack? Is the charger of the self regulating type? and can it charge other amp-hour capacities of SLA battery? Where would I be able to get more information on this bike? Where would I get spare battery pack cases? Does the manufacturers of this bike even still exist? I will attempt to answer these questions myself, but I don't hold up much hope.

This is probably a time limited offer for me, so I need information and opinions promptly. Thank you.

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