White 2008 VX-1 for sale in London, UK

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White 2008 VX-1 for sale in London, UK

Dear all,

After many years of being my trustworthy travel companian I'm now selling my white 2008 VX-1.  It has the latest Vectrix firmware on it and in 2008 received a new battery pack (NiMH) after 6months of usage. 

Since then I regularly use the Vectrix and today have accumulated a total of 23,500 miles onto it. 

Besides a blown main fuse in 2013 (it was replaced by Vectrix UK with a 200Amps one) I had no trouble at all with my bike. However, since the fuse was swapped I occasionally have wrong temperature readings (red lights) from the temperature sensors. This only happens on wet days and disappears after a while. I'm sure it's one of the sensors but never bothered to locate the sensor that's playing up. The battery temperature after charging or a M4 ride is usually 26 on warm days maybe 34 Celsius. 

Another small annoyance is that I lost the silver plastic cap on the rear wheel axle. The garage that swapped my rear tyre must have forgotten to fix the cap and after a few days it disappeared. Checking with Vectrix they wanted around 20£ for the plastic piece but unfortunately besides promising they never delivered the part. 

The distance from full charge is consistently 38miles on warm days a bit more in the winter it get down to 30 something. I usually ride the bike down the M4 into London and can return on the same charge (but have to go slow down the M4) which is a round trip of 34 miles. I however prefer charging the bike in London on one of the charging points. On the motorway I easily reach the speed limiter which is around 65? MPH. (I'm not sure what exact number it is). 

I'm not trying to sell a lemon here and simply want to give another fellow Vectrix fan to enjoy a great bike. I've been member of this forum for more than five years and you can easily see that I had no real issues over all the time with my Vectrix. The reason I'm selling the bike is that I have today received confirmation of assemply of my new electric ride, a BMW C Evolution :-)

My Vectrix will come with a new MOT which is due this month and we can agree delivery in London area.

Let me know if you are interested in the bike and your price you are happy to pay for it. 


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