Vectrix shock absorbers

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Vectrix shock absorbers

When I became the Vectrix owner , it seemed to me that Vectrix shock absorbers is hard .
Today I rode the gasoline scooters (Kymko dovntovn 200 and Kymko grand dink 125).
Kymko shock absorbers that have seemed to me much softer.
Vectrix owners what you think about the Vectrix shock absorbers ?

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Re: Vectrix shock absorbers

I think the ride is pretty good, considering the diameter of the wheels. Not as good as full size motor bike wheels, but not the harshest thing I've ridden.

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Re: Vectrix shock absorbers

I agree that they drive hard. For less roll resistance on the road, my tires are on high pressure. That asks for high quality shock absorbers. Maybe we can find a good replacement absorber?

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