Blown main fuse

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Blown main fuse

So after 15 years of riding Vectrix' I finally had a main fuse blow on me. It was on my sons bike that hasnt been ridden in about 2 yrs. Prior to this he never had a problem with it. I got it out last week and within 4 miles it blew.
I replaced it with a 200A fuse.

I put the blown fuse on the milling machine so I cold peek inside. Here are some pics of the culprit.


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Re: Blown main fuse

I cut my fuse open and it was blown exactly as yours.

Good Luck,

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Re: Blown main fuse

So that's what putting over 125A through the fuse ends up looking like!

I think my original fuse blew about 6-8 months in to ownership.

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