Front Wheel Wobble - Solution?

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Front Wheel Wobble - Solution?

I've read that many Vectrix VX-1 have a front wheel wobble felt around 35mph. That has been the case with the two VX-1 I owned as well: one has 17K miles on the odometer, the other is brand new (130 miles when I bought it off the liquidation auction, around 1,500 miles now). Both bikes have the factory Pirelly tires in the rear, the new one has the factory tire in the front, and the old one had a Diablo version in the front.

It only happens if I let both hands off the handlebars and coast at around 35mph. Never happens with even the gentlest of control with one or both of my hands on the handlebars. I don't feel anything being loose in the suspension, and I don't see any obvious issues with the wheels and tires. There are also no vibrations riding it, just the wobble at that speed (at slower and faster speeds there is no wobble).

Anyone know why is this happening and if there is a fix?

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Re: Front Wheel Wobble - Solution?

I don't have a Vectrix, but speaking generally a front wheel wobble could be caused by a few things, including:
1. an unbalanced wheel, see this video for checking and balancing
2. a tyre defect or damage, (I had a screw imbedded in one tyre and didn't realise, others have worn a flat spot on their rear tyre and didn't notice either)
3. fork stiction caused by incorrectly placed or missing axle spacers when the wheel was fitted
4. uneven fork oil levels between fork legs or blown seals

Most of these things have been discussed in the "eRider 8000W scooter (similar to XM500Li)" thread by PCarlson

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