Zivan NG-3 charger specs and use.

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Zivan NG-3 charger specs and use.

Zivan Battery chargers

NG3 model.

Does any one have experience using this charger. It appears to have nifty charging algorithm in it can control charging current the battery capacity. Since the scooter of mine in dying and original charger is constant current to 11 amp for 3 hours, not good for Gel cell battery pack. My old pack was NiMH and going to use my old stand by EVX12200 to give me use of my VX-1 for maybe anther year or two. Range will be a lot less but a good thing about good chargers is you can normally leave Pb acid chargers plugged in 24/7. Been doing that for many years. My Hawkers are 20 years old. I just noticed that. 1994 to 2014 is exactly 20. Every three weeks I have to plug in my Vectrix whether I drive the scoot or it sits.
My XM-3500 is plugged in 24/7 but is 38 AH lead the Silicone lead.
So does any one have experience with this Zivan charger and is it cracked up to be a great charger. Does it have a nice power factor? Is it user PROGRAMABLE so I can take out a dead battery and go from 144 to 132 to maybe 125?
Maybe Monday I'll call CA sales office and hear from them. I am hoping some one has real hands on experience with the charger.
I am scared that the NG3 stands for No Good three? So actually what does NG3 mean?

It would be nice to have one charger to charge my tractor, scooter, truck, house, or what ever pack or packs I have. Plus I like the Anderson SB-50's on it. Real nice!!!!! www.zivanusa.com/pdf/NG3.pdf
I have so many vehicle chargers from 3 Lesters , 3 American Monarch, Quick Charge 72, Quick Charge 144, and many from China too. Quick Charge is a programmable charger to a small extent.


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