Public charging VX-1 in The Netherlands

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Public charging VX-1 in The Netherlands

I did my first public charging today in the city Utrecht in The Netherlands.
Luckily Utrecht is promoting electronic transportation inside the city so there are enough EV charging points available.

As the Mennekes type-2 connector is now standard in Europe you need an adapter cable from Mennekes type-2 to Schuko. (see other posting on this forum).
Theres no need to install a switch in the plug to lock or release it from the charging point as this is taken care of by using a RFID smart card.
Just a 680R resistor between the plugs earth and vehicle detection contact is enough to get this working.

All of the public charging points can be used by different types of 'service providers'. I'm using The New Motion and the ANWB, just in case one doesnt work, and have RFID charger cards from both. The charging fee is ranging from €0,20 - €0,25 per kWh and will be monthly billed.

Funny enough theres no pin code or whatever involved when authenticating with the RFID card. So if you loose your card or your card gets cloned someone can abuse your card and account. I guess this will be taken care of when more and more EV's become standard and more people are going to use the public chargers.

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Re: Public charging VX-1 in The Netherlands

Here are some photos of my bike charging at public chargepoints in Amsterdam

And Utrecht

Once you go EV, Gas is history!

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