Regen on V-moto & E Max 120S

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Regen on V-moto & E Max 120S

I have a E Max or V moto 120 Silicone battery type and was trying to figure out the Regen thing. Reverse seems to work nicely. Trip odometer is goofy for it goes backwards sometimes but regen is little or nonexistant. My VX-1 can stop real fast by Regen but my 120S has no braking power if any at all on Regen. Brakes work real fine though. Is there a Potentiometer to tweak some where? I believe the Regen is same as reverse by using little green button which is hard to use. Here in Bean Town we have a few steep hills and it kills the battery trying to go up at a whopping 10 or 11 MPH or less. The quality of the scooter is superb. But the owners manual has a lot to be desired. The pot holes here are rough but nothing broke yet. The voltage on the volt meter will go up by a few tenths but nothing drastic and no slowing down the scooter. I rewired the Anderson plugs to yellow to match my E-20 and can charge very fast for 80AH pack but still I would like to recover down hill energy and put it back in battery pack.
Going down hill I can top 30 plus MPH easy. I might of done 40 once. I use eco mode mostly and never or hardly normal or MAX. I have lots of Anderson power poles on the scooter to run my house during power outages too, in order to get the most out of those expensive Lead battery pack. 60 AH 5 Hr, or 80 AH 10 Hr Silicone pack at 48 volts.
Is Regen tied to Reverse some how? I figure it must be there some how. Speedometer is fairly accurate but odometer is really whacked!!! Maybe this scooter is like the VX-2 but mine is half the price of the VX-2 being sold on the web somewhere. Also far better quality than the XM-3500 series.

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