For Sale Vectrix NiMh 102cell Pack

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For Sale Vectrix NiMh 102cell Pack

I recently acquired a 2007 with 1,600km on it from new.

I took the bike out yesterday after a full charge and comfortably achieved 25.6 miles across a variety of speed, mostly; 30mph, 50mph and 70mph. I most certainly would have averaged 40mph over the duration of the ride.

Each "group" of cells have been charged individually, I do have an excel spreadsheet monitoring the voltage.

 photo 20150711_174528_zps7kaiibsa.jpg

 photo 20150805_202835_zpsgp8a5t1l.jpg

I am in Kent, UK. Ideally, collection would be preferred but appreciate that may not be easy. I am more than happy to box/pallet these up, but you need to arrange post.

Regarding price, I am honestly not sure (feel free to make an offer). Looking through the forum there haven't been many come up and it is difficult to gauge a price.

I was looking at somewhere around £300, but like I said, try me.

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