Current C124 For Sale - Seattle

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Current C124 For Sale - Seattle

I am posting this for someone else - please contact the e-mail address below, not me - for questions and offers. Thanks. Paul D.

I have a C124 near Seattle, and was using it for daily commuting for two years, but my commute became too long for its range. Now I have a Brammo Empulse and the C124 has become inoperable due to neglect: the BCM blinks a red light when attempting to charge it (even though the dashboard reports 100% SOC), the rear brake calipers stick in the closed position, and probably as a result of this brake issue, the hub motor doesn't spin when given throttle.

If anyone in the area would like to restore it or use it for parts, let me know (ebikereviewer [at] I could use the extra space in my garage.

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Re: Current C124 For Sale - Seattle

I am now in possession of this scoot.

This is a "Super Scooter" with 24 cell battery and electronic dash.

The axle rusted to something, causing the rear wheel lock. When dragging it off the hitch carrier, that broke loose, so that is no longer the issue.

I am still getting a "bad temp sensor" error message - despite swapping the 3 sensors I am aware of with the sensors from my C130.


Going to attempt to contact CMC. Wish me luck.

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