european BLDC controller seller

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european BLDC controller seller

I need a 60V/5000W controller but I can't find any european seller, any help?

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Re: european BLDC controller seller

I have a slightly used Kelly KBL72201 sitting around jobless. It will run at 60V too, and can easily ouput 5000W (electrical). But it might be just a bit sluggish from standstill, depending on what kind of motor you intend to use it on.
Where in Europe are you? My Kelly currently resides in Germany, in a doner bike for my Thunder. It had just 4500km on the clock when it's battery was destroyed by a faulty BMS...

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Re: european BLDC controller seller

Please somebody help me find a seller I can buy from or sell me the below:

Controller for Kollmorgen BLDC 24V 400W
I have a few stators so I need the the controller (#3 on the attached picture).


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