2007 VX-1 For Sale

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2007 VX-1 For Sale

Selling my 2007 Vectrix VX-1. It's in pristine condition, but I just started getting the battery temperature warning light after about 15 miles. Scooter still runs, but power is diminished somewhat when light is on. Charges as normal. I've been told that it sounds like one of the cells has died and is overheating. Someone who knows the technology could probably fix or find a workaround. Or this could be a great foundation for a project bike. I'll let it go cheap... Contact me at dan [at] stitchediting.tv if any interest. Located in Los Angeles.

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Re: 2007 VX-1 For Sale

I think one of your temperature boards just died/got fried.
Just remove it and drive happily ever after...

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Re: 2007 VX-1 For Sale

If anyone from SoCal buys this Vectrix, I'd be interested in teaming up to upgrade to Leaf cells. I have a basic understanding of what to do, and I have used a PCAN adapter to change charging software, but I'm looking for help on basic installation of the Leaf cells. PM if interested

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