Zapino Controller innards

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Zapino Controller innards

Hey folks. I have a 2007 or 2008 Zapino that I converted from SLA to Enerdel Lithium-Ion batteries. It lost almost 90 lbs of weight (~275 to ~185) so was a blast and super zippy to ride around. Unfortunately, since I was having so much fun and riding it so hard, I blew up the controller. I've been posting on Endless-sphere about it and the innards of the controller are somewhat surprising. If you're interested, you can check out the thread over at endless-sphere.

Randy W
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Re: Zapino Controller innards

Hey _Tango,
Mine did the same thing a while back. An autopsy on the controller found (at least) two of the transistors or FETs on the heat sinks had leaked-out some of their magic smoke, making one of the six (?) "phases" inoperative. Fortunately was able to swap-in another controller. Made for more of a cool "motor-scooter" sound, though. Good luck.

Randy W
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