Vectrix VX1 for sale - Birmingham, England

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Vectrix VX1 for sale - Birmingham, England

I have a 2008 Vectrix VX1 which I'm now looking to sell. I'm based in Birmingham, England, and thought I'd post here in advance of putting on eBay in case it's of interest to anyone. Reason for sale - my commute is 22 miles of which 50% is motorway. The battery has declined recently so I'm able to get around 20 miles around town. It'd therefore be a very good project for anyone who wanted to bring it back to original performance.

33,000 miles
New battery at circa 10,000 miles (not LiIon)
Serviced by Vectrix-appointed dealers
No physical damage
Occasional CANBUS warning lights

Any questions please let me know

Thanks Richard

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