Vectrix is back! ( May 14 '16)

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Vectrix is back! ( May 14 '16)

They say:

The Vectrix saga is not over: there is a new company in Europe selling Vectrix VX-1 and VX-2 in Europe.

We have written several stories about Vectrix over the past year, and the last one was about GOVECS taking over Vectrix’ Polish factory:

It now seems that a new Polish firm, MP Tech, bought the remaining Vectrix scooters and parts from GOVECS. MP Tech has also bought the equipment and parts left in the US factory. For now, it looks like the scooters for sale are the ones that were left over in the two factories, with newly developed batteries.

Nevertheless, MP Tech has already found a importer in France, where Vectrix was very popular. The French firm Goelectrix already got its first 9 scooters, and claims to have five French dealer/distributors. It also started a new web site:

On the site, it advertises the VX-1, a 125cc-equivalent electric scooter, and the VX-2, a 50cc-equivalent one.

Vectrix VX-2
Vectrix VX-2

The VX-2 is being advertised as having a 4 kW motor, and as being available with a 2 kWh or 3 kWh lithium battery, for a range of 50 km (31 miles) or 90 km (56 miles). Prices start at €4,990 ($5,640), with €5,750 ($6,500) for the 3 kWh version.


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Re: Vectrix is back! ( May 14 '16)

I thought (VECTRIXPARTS.COM) bought all of the stuff from USA and the polish factory. if they didn't buy all the items where did they get all their parts from.PS I read this same story today myself.

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Re: Vectrix is back! ( May 14 '16)

As far as I understand it, Piotr Stec and Matteo Zordan (both from MP Tech) are behind/involved with Vectrix Parts in Poland (

In July last year, GOVECS purchased the Vectrix factory in Wroclaw, Poland including production equipment and machinery for use with their own products, with no intention of continuing or revitalizing the Vectrix products.

MP Tech/Vectric Parts purchased all of the remaining Vectrix bikes and components from GOVECS (or possibly direct from the liquidation company) and are currently selling scooters and components that they acquired last year.
I don't know whether they intend to source new components etc. to produce more scooters, or whether they are just making the most out of the components they purchased.

I notice they are improving the capacities of lithium batteries etc. which can be installed on existing Vectrix scooters too.


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Re: Vectrix is back! ( May 14 '16)

I just ordered some stuff from them:- A BMS conversion kit, so i can re-use the former Li+ BMS Boards with a newly build DIY 18650 batterypack .
- A second sticker :"ELECTRIC" (Just for the fun of it).
- A new orange reflector(mine has sunk to the bottom of a lake).

Communication was pro-active. I like that.

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Re: Vectrix is back! ( May 14 '16)

I've bought my Vectrix from GoElectrix and have deal with Piotr. This guys are very effective.

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