Site performance -- currently slow -- I know the likely cause and have sent in support request

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I see that VisForVoltage is slow again - like the bad old days. I've also seen this on another site,, that's on the same server.

I see that according to Google Webmaster Tools, the average time to download pages shot up on May 24 from 1100 milliseconds to over 14,000 milliseconds. This is unacceptable.

On that day, Dreamhost "moved" my account to a new server. I don't know why. But it must have changed something about the database and worsened the connection between the database and the VPS where V resides. That was the ultimate cause of the slowness a few years ago, that the database and site had a bad connection between them.

I've asked Dreamhost for help.


- David Herron,

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