New TC Chargers for Vectrix: 3.3kw - up to 13.2kw

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New TC Chargers for Vectrix: 3.3kw - up to 13.2kw

Vectrix is implementing new TC chargers.
Configurations: 3,3kw-6,6kw onboard, 3,3kw-6,6kw external, all in parallel, total possible output 13,2 kw, perfect for new Vectrix Tesla batteries (120Ah - 15,8kwh - 260 km)

Compared with old EVPS, the size of 3,3kw version is slashed to half, and output is doubled!
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Re: New TC Chargers for Vectrix: 3.3kw - up to 13.2kw

I've been playing with an 1.8kw unit - they're really well made

I wonder if Vectrix parts have made a mounting adapter so the bolt holes line up.
If so, hopefully they can sell separately (so the TC Charger can be ordered with the enable option rather than CAN for non-vectrix BMS)

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