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Zero Battery Pack

I was thinking of getting a Zero but looked at the price tag. 18 Large. They all looked alike. So I looked closer and saw the DSR had a 775 Amp motor. More than my S-10. Impressive! I could not find any or much information on actual battery pack till I got to Wikipedia. It said it has a 102 volt pack or maybe a Brushless magnetic three phase motor. Still not too clear there. It seems like everyone on Visforvoltage has a VX-2 or VX-1 so does any one here have a Zero MC? I like the fact it has a powerful drive train and it has a "drive belt"? Not too thrilled about belts. So if the Zero has a 102 volt motor does it have a 102 volt battery pack? Since it is made in California does the company make and sell battery packs for Zero to use elsewhere if one wanted to. The VX-2 can use a 48 to 60 volt Lithium pack, the VX-1 can use 120 to 150 volt Lithium pack. So since the Zero uses Lithium, then maybe it can fit other Scooters. The owners of the VX-1 are using "Leaf" packs, and Thunder Sky packs in those models and even other brands.

Looking on You Tube videos, I see the actual range is still under a hundred miles and not the 150 to 200 miles advertised. If I still have a few more miles on my Vectrix, then, I can be looking for an easy conversion for my VX-1. I wish I could just drop in a New Pack without "Sqishing" a set of modules and or batteries in a VX-1 like I am doing now.

Even though I placed this in the Zero "Forums", it is for people , riders who own a Zero, who can Enlighten us on the specifics of all or most Zeros. After I get a battery pack for any VX-1, I will have to figure charging for Lithium. Constant current of 11 Amperes might ruin a Lithium pack? Well I know it will. I took apart some of my gray batteries for my Prius and each cell has three big computer Lithium cells in there. So the are right, in the fact it can be mounted anyways in compartment. They are bigger than 26650 Lithium computer cells. I think 20 AH. I did notice my VX-1 kind of stops if the voltage gets under a 100 volts so a 102 volt pack wouldn't run a VX-1.

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Re: Zero Battery Pack

Read the topic here called something like "My new 2015 Zero SR". I bought one of those for $14k, got two rides from it, and ended up sell-trading it at a large loss because it was knowingly sold to me with a defective controller by a Zero dealer 3000 miles away. Owners of Zeroes have been experiencing this for years, because unless you live very close to one of the better Zero servicing dealers (not all dealers do service, and not all the ones who do are any good) you will likely find yourself with a bike you can't ride, and have to have shipped at least twice, maybe more times, at substantial expense each way. Think months of downtime. Think "Zero won't support bikes after about three years." The bikes have awesome performance, but are so glitchy, and Zero service is so hard to find, and get done properly, that it just isn't worth it for people like us. Don't buy a Zero unless you can literally afford to write off that $18k with no regrets. Hell, I was just looking at a bike on Ebay, a 2012 Zero X with 300 miles on it, that I could have gotten for $3k. I gave up the idea, because even if I had a Zero dealer here, the company no longer supports bikes older than 2013. I'd maybe get a few rides out of it, it would die, and I'd have a $3k paperweight. By comparison my new to me VX-1 is a Tank.

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