Current Motor Owners Survey for 2016?

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Current Motor Owners Survey for 2016?

I guess it is time to check if there are any running Current Motor Company Scooters still out there.

At almost 6 years of service, mine is still used every day for commuting and practically all other local transportation 9 months out of the year with very roughly about 35K miles of usage. Battery pack is showing its age a bit, but performance is still satisfactory - bit lower top speed and acceleration but not much noticeable reduction in range. I'd like to put a new pack in it, by the much hoped for "Moores Law" for lithium batteries is not showing itself! 24 60AH GBS cells still cost about $2100 before shipping so I can't justify a new pack quite yet.

Anyone with anything to report out there?

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Re: Current Motor Owners Survey for 2016?

My C130 still runs great with only 5k miles on the clock.
No range reduction noticed but I rarely go more than 35 miles between charges.
I enjoy it often and use it with confidence.


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