Scooter chargers ~ in general & NFPA/NEC

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Scooter chargers ~ in general & NFPA/NEC

I have lived in a number of places in this wonderful state of Taxachusetts, home of the NFPA, for a long time. Ever since I got here, I had an interest in EVs. Finally I built and licensed one. Charging was done via a dryer outlet. Then an inspector came along and said I needed a GFCI. No prob. Eighty bucks and new 4 conductor wiring , later I was up and running. Found out it can work with two diodes to make a 120 volt DC charger too. Actually better on 132 volt system. Most of the current was on the Neutral. Fifty or 60 amp on a 30 Amp breaker. Nifty!!

Finally I had to find "mobility scooters" in order to navigate and got a Palmer scooter. I had to get an Orange 6 sided slow vehicle sign on the back of it. It plugged into 125 volt standard outlet. Then, I got other brands and they came with "switched mode chargers that said 125 volt input but worked good on 250 volt too just like computer bricks. My VX-1 and VX-2 also plug into a NEMA 6-15 or NEMA 6-20 outlet too. Now the building and electric inspector came around again and said I need an Arc Fault breaker. My neighbor has one in this state and it POPS quite regular and it isn't cheap either. I have been using my regular 125 volt outside outlet with a bathroom GFCI wall device and of course it trips GFCI or actual 15 amp circuit quite often. Especially if it rains snows or just make contact with Earth .

Condo didn't like a 125 to 250 volt transformer on 6" pole holding up the three outside decks is a Carlon weather tight box with a 250 volt outlet. After getting a permit and doing 250 volt 20 Amp GFCI I still need a light on other side of slider door. Tapping the GFCI is not a thing allowed under article 210.12 new code in 2014. Now an Arc fault is needed.

Even tapping existing outside fixture requires an arc fault breaker. Stupid!

I still have electric motorcycles and when I can I try to ride them but mainly I need my LARK or HOVEROUND MPV4 or what ever I use to get around. Since the new scooters and computers use switch mode chargers like my Zero, I fill up at Coulomb or Charge Point filling stations with Rush's new Zero adapter from Tucson AZ. Some where in or on V is a picture of the first J-1772 I got from RUSH. It changes 1772 to Combo outlet NEMA 6-20/5-20 but even though it is 5-20, there is 250 volt to 208 volts on it. Computers and switched mode chargers like Zero and Vectrix are happy on the higher voltage. I think the Zero uses and Elcon or Qui-Q charger. It is yellow and black.

Condominium people said they will go in half on installing a safe charging system for me. I never expected it to be expensive. Carpentry costs were high, Electrician costs were even higher, and then the GFCI and Arc Breakers along with NEMA6-20/5-20 combo outlets. I still charge via J-1772 at U-mass Lowell and friends who drive Leaf and Bolt. Who knows, maybe I can ask for a Leviton J-1772 charge system?

Is there an ARC fault breaker for 240 volt circuits? I Googled ARC fault breakers and not really too awful much on them. Never had problem with old fashion GFCI and GFCI for 250 volts.

I just hope I asked for the best over all outlet and hope I get a light on the right side of door in order to plug in my scoot. Any info on what "exactly" an Arc Fault thingy is would be greatly appreciated. I have to get one for the added light fixture I think or I believe.
Hate new regs Haven't been electrocuted yet? PS I have a locking NEMA enclosure so that no one unplugs my scooter for power tools and forgets to plug in my scooter. I ran out of battery juice once.

I don't want to be limited to just 100-125 volt outlets. Current on switched mode chargers are half current on 250 volt. If there is a switch for 100-125 then 200-250 volt the power factor is whacked for 120 volt side for that is a voltage doubler circuit to make 330 volt DC inside unit. PS my shack has 350 volt solar panels so I can charge in New Hampshire via Sunlight. The few 120 volt chargers I use are 17 Amperes input. They sort of need a dedicated circuit for now it is on a 15 amp bathroom GFCI and trip main BR breaker often. So at new circuit I'll be better off.

Expensive losing your license and having to do alternate ways of living. I get stopped a fair amount of times for this state is strictest on gun laws. My cane is in PVC and sometimes looks like ........ Well you know.

Why don't "Mobility Scooter" manufactures use J-1772 and or 240 volt switch mode chargers on all their models. Not everything is Wal-Mart with dozens of scooters plugged in ready to go. My scooter is fast charge and sucks 17 Amp if battery is dead Dead. So 240 volt is better and never trips circuit breaker.


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