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ZEV Electric is delivering the LRC-T two front wheel, tilting trike. The first USA customers have had their bikes for about a month, the first load for Europe just cleared customs in the UK. The first dealers to get the bikes in Europe will be for Lisbon Portugal in June. Demonstrations to the ZEV UK followers are being given in the UK from now until the 30th of the month.

The LRC trike builds on the ZEV LRC, uses the same powertrain with 15 kw continous motor. The trike version is slower at 75 mph given the extra rolling resistance and aero drag. Range tests show 125 miles at 55 mph. The advantage of the trike is traction in slick conditions. The bike is available with the longer range 100 ah X 28 cell lithium pack or a lower cost 60 ah X 28 cell lithium pack.
The bike has dual parking brakes.

New Atlas ran an article on the bike at http://newatlas.com/zev-lrc-t15-electric-tilting-three-wheeler/47432/
Web page at http://zelectricvehicle.com/32.html


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