Vectrix VX-1 Lithium + For Sale

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Vectrix VX-1 Lithium + For Sale

I am selling my VX-1 Lithium-Plus model as a project bike. It is registered in San Diego as a 2011 but it was upgraded to lithium+ in 2014 at the Vectrix factory just as their doors were closing.

The factory installed a bigger DC converter, located beneath the ignition switch under the step-thru, it turns on with ignition. It's good for about 10Amps, there is a cable under the front cowl,(remove wind screen) and you can attach what you want or not. They also ran a 12-volt feed into the trunk, runs my LED license plate frame etc.

It was running great and charging fine for about two years. Then one day the charging cord plug shorted out. I replaced the plug and plugged it in but the bike would not charge. It still had 1/2 a charge and rode fine. Eventually the batteries ran down completely and I don't have the skills, experience, time or money to get it running again.

I have all of the parts, the bike is partially taken apart to access the battery pack and controller boards. Looks like they are going for around $3000 on eBay. I am looking to get $2K.

Dan Wolfson 858-546-0707 dauntless [at]

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