2007 dark green in Phoenix $300

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2007 dark green in Phoenix $300


They cannot get the battery to light up the dash. I just used my current bike to charge the battery of an identical bike I got at auction (though I spent $500). Just ran a bit of romex between the two bikes battery plugs where it hooks into the charger and then passing the electricity thru a 500 watt lamp to keep it from over charge/discharge. The light was lit for a little bit but soon battery differences was too little but it was still passing a charge. After about a day I was able to turn the bike on.

At this point you will be able to tell if the charger is working by plugging the bike into the wall. In my case I needed to get a charger from ebay, there were 10 for sale when I was doing this, actually bought a spare. But many times it's just a discharged battery and an inexperienced seller. I would jump on it but I already have two bikes...


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Re: 2007 dark green in Phoenix $300

Thanks for posting this on V. I tried to fill out the IAA forms and try to get monies to them in time for a bid. Got totally hung up a $200.00 sign up fee, was a killer too. Plus $300.00 for a known dead scooter. It did look new though. Just too many hoops to go thru for an auction of that type. eBay had live auctions once or twice before but I got confirmation of winning bids and when I went to pay some of my items already were picked up by in house bidders? So it seems to be set up for people in house to bid. The scooter went for $75.00 and I was on the phone for nearly an hour trying to get emails and FAX to go thru. They do have local actions around USA to go bid in office I think for auction in Phoenix. The looking for a Motorcycle trucking freight company was even harder. Unbelievable freight there too. Finally found one under $800.00 but too late.
All I can say is it an awful lot of work for a nearly worthless scoot. I am trying to get a VX-1 battery pack from Vectrix in Poland, but communications back is slower than slow. I tested the waters by ordering a luggage rack for my VX-2 from Vectrix in Poland and it came rather fast. But I do want to talk with a person for a major purchase though.
From what I understand is at the Phoenix auction the scoot was new but "dead". Worth charging and trying it out but it is now yesterdays worry. I am working on mine, probably for months on end.
Again thanks for post.


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