New Vectrix models for sale

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New Vectrix models for sale

I haven't seen this posted elsewhere so thought I'd share. I came across a new Vectrix site via a Google search advertising what looks to be the existing VX-1 along with the VX-2 and VT-1 (no sign of the VX-3) but with newer battery packs. I thought with the auctioned off parts from the original Vectrix a few years ago meant that us owners could have a decent spares parts supply, but no further sales of new fully assembled units were available.

The range and battery pack figures for these look impressive against the original Ni-MH and even the later Li-ion models. I think the original model claimed 68 miles at a constant 25mph, with a supposed real world range of 30-50 miles. The owners manual I have differs somewhat in that at a constant 60mph range is reduced to 20 miles - and that's with a new battery pack!

5.3kWh - 66mi
8kWh - 100mi
10kWh - 131mi
13kWh - 164mi
16kWh - 193mi

No idea on pricing or availability but I think keeping the Vectrix brand alive is definitely a good thing.

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Re: New Vectrix models for sale

No idea on pricing or availability but I think keeping the Vectrix brand alive is definitely a good thing.

The VX-1 ranges from €8,250.00 – €13,284.00

The VX-2 ranges from €4,900.00 – €5,880.00

The VT-1 isn't due to be released until 2018

It looks like (Vectrix sp. z o.o.) are still selling Vectrix scooters and spares, but under another name (

Matteo needs to update the Polish Wikipedia entry for Vectrix which currently states, "Vectrix - the name of no longer existing, plant and brand of scooters produced by them".

The English Wikipedia entry for Vectrix is also in need of an update.


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Re: New Vectrix models for sale

Favorite item on the website:

2 h to full battery


I also own a 2018 Tesla Model 3 and a 2012 Mitsubishi iMiev

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