80ea CALB 40AH Blue Cells

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80ea CALB 40AH Blue Cells

I have 80ea 40AH CALB's still in their original wooden shipping crates.
I am the original buyer from CALB/CA and no longer need these beasties.
They are a few years old but I had parallel-charged them, for an aborted project, before storage so they are well-balanced and sitting at about 60% SOC(confirmed in Spring) in cool, dry storage.
Expect a wee bit of capacity loss from age, thus the reduced price.
I'll hunt for the hardware, but not promising it at this point.

a buck-ten per Ah

80ea x 40Ah x $1.10/Ah = $3520

SF Bay Area
You pick-up in North Bay
or you arrange transport at your cost; I can coordinate with your trucker
payment via cash or wire transfer

text me if you need photos and will snap some
if you need dimensions, Google is your mamasan
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