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Adapters / New Products

Just thought I'd throw this on the list for EV~ers with 230 volt outlets / receptacles out side or even in their garage to charge Switched mode power supplies / chargers like VX-1 & VX-2 chargers. Zero included too. I ordered on eBay some of these adapters. {Universal to North American NEMA 6-20P US Electrical Plug Adapter}

Rather than swap out plug to charge via 230 volts NEMA 6-20 the most common outlet for my scooters , I left my bike stock and now plug VX-2 into adapter and insert it into NEMA 6-20 outlet GFCI protected and it charges just fine at half the current.
Under the seat I have an assortment of Adapters 14-50 10-30 and even J-1772 so this one from eBay is a good cheap reserve adapter to charge.
I call it my smallest 1.5 KW transformer ? Not really but it looks like it could be. sort of like taking a standard plug and plugging it in Universal side of Chinese adapter to world voltage and on the other side NEMA 6 type which is 230/240 USA voltage. Again you can plug in any laptop into 230 volt AC.
{Universal to North American NEMA 6-20P US Electrical Plug Adapter} search criteria
on eBay

Condominium association just installed a 230 volt GFCI outlet outside for my for they did not like me stepping up 115 volt old GFCI to 230 volts. Don't get it? But now I got 230 volt instead of the newer outlets that new owners have of ARC fault. Which is always failing. Mine is in a bigger larger NEMA enclosure with padlock on it. It doubles as BSA 16 Amp charger for EV vehicle too like Leaf, Bolt, i-3 and more. BTW, actual receptacle is a combo 125/250 volt GFCI protected so I can use a drill outside or snow thrower .

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