Flashing both red lights on dash

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So I tried to get the bike back by charging the batteries with an external charger, but that didn't make a difference, got the battery up to 143 volts steady and yet the issue continues.

I have the canbus cable, I am trying to get Windows installed on my Mac so I can run ScooterDiags, my old Mac that did this was replaced by Apple but the new 2015 Mac has given me grief trying to run BootCamp Assistant, always fails to partition.

So in the mean time I made a video incase anyone actually knows what I am facing.


This is the bike that I got at auction for $500, I replaced the power supply and it started charging, and worked great for a year. Then one day I got a popping corn sound from the under the seat and no power. Had it towed home. When I tried to charge it later no issues and it ran fine for a few weeks though I was no longer wiling to commute with it. Then it started doing the above and after a while self discharged so much it wouldn't even come on. Was able to return to the bad behavior above with the external charger.




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Re: Flashing both red lights on dash


No idea on how to help with the Vectrix, but I can offer you help with the Windows installation.

Instead of partitioning your HDD, I not use a virtual machine ?

Microsoft have these available:

I use VirtualBox with Ubuntu serving as host OS, but feel free to use which ever fits best for you.

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Re: Flashing both red lights on dash

I suspect the 'popping' noise under the seat might be the motherboard of the controller failing where the 3 phase motor wires come away from the IGBTs (and the main battery to PCB connections). For some completely insane reason, the engineers bolted the cable lugs to the IGBTs *sandwiching* the PCB. If they are torqued up too tight, the PCB material fails, the whole thing vibrates loose leading to heating and eventual fairly catastrophic failure. It is a classic Vectrix design flaw. Lots of posts about it in the past.


Regards, Martin Winlow
Herts UK

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