Battery Charger problems

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Battery Charger problems

HI Everyone,

I seem to be having a problem with my ECOPED SPARQ, it has a 48v lead acid battery. Yesterday I left it charging on the original charger when I came down i nthe moring , the charger was making a wistleing noise. I opened up the charger and noticed a 220uF 83v capacitor was vented, so I had a 220uF 63V cap around so I used it and then tested the voltage and nothing was going out.

The factory charger has a 2 pin connector, looks like a C13 but with out the middle ground pin. I had a charger for another ebike that was 48v, I bought it from ebay but never used it, it had the same connector but with a 3rd pin shaped like a " T" . I figured since I only need the two outside pins then it should work. My mistake was I never bothered to test it before plugging it in to the Sparq ebike , but it was not working also.
I figured it was a bad charger from ebay, So I bought another charger locally and this one I did bother multi-metering before plugging it in , it was reading 55v, then Iplug it in and again instantly killed. After removing it I tested it again with no volts coming out.

I have a few questions.
1) do different manufacturers change the polarity of the pins even though they use the same style plug? From the second picture I posted, it looks like this could be true.IF si does anyone have a wiring diagram or know what the polarity of this Ecoped Sparq should be.

2) Does this Sparq ebike charger have to sense a load before outputting a charge? the reason I ask is after I replaced the faulty cap, the voltage reading was null, but when I used a led light bulb saw a load it jumped a little to .45v not even 1 volt, not enough to charge a 48v battery.

3) lastly is there such a charger that can sense if the polarity is reversed and protect itself before permanent damage?(probably unlikely)


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Re: Battery Charger problems

Hello Carlos,
Yes, everyone does everything different.
It is best to always check the polarity when using a new or different charger.
If you can see the wires, red = positive (+) & black = (-) is usually pretty consistent.


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Re: Battery Charger problems


Sad but true as @Functional Artist notes many manufacturers distribute ebikes and escooters with identical pinout connectors, using different pins for +, -, temperature sense, and even logical (TTY) interface.

Getting a bit more expensive charger may save you headaches later, and as noted always take a meter to the pins before using the first time!

I have invested in chargers that are "smart" chargers since our family owns multiple ebikes, escooters, and the like. For our 24v escooter and older ebikes, the GT Power A8 is a great multi-chemistry charger. We have Anderson PowerPole, XLR connectors, and others along with a multi prong adapter originally designed for the remote control drone crowd. Also an in-line meter with PowerPole on each end which is our standard power adapter.

Hope you have a charger now working for you!

Best, Mark

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