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Encoder trouble

My 2007 VX1 with 28000 miles has an error message 'encoder'. I ignored it for a while, but now the problem is effecting the driving. On takeoff, the motor feels lumpy, though it smooths out a bit as it picks up speed. I've gone through the encoder calibration and witnessed the offset change, but the problem persists. I opened up the housing on the left side of the motor to reveal the encoder card and encoder disc. there is dust residue in the sealed up area. I've cleaned the area and resealed it tightly, only to find more dust residue after a few hundred miles. I suspect that the encoder disc is too close to the encoder board and rubbing the 'reader'. I fear that the encoder board is damaged. Has anyone experienced this before, and if I need a new encoder board, is it possible to obtain one?

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Re: Encoder trouble

The encoder is available from Vectrixparts.com but it requires 2 special tools to align it correctly and also to set the correct gap.

It is worth checking whether the dust is coming from the encoder wiring harness, as this can sometimes rub against the encoder mounting bolt.

If any of the wires have been damaged, they will need to be repaired and reinsulated.


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Re: Encoder trouble

I have encoders..check Ebay..and I have the alignment tools that you can borrow.
Im in Massachusetts.

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