147v charger, 24v lead acid charger, and dying vectrix cells

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147v charger, 24v lead acid charger, and dying vectrix cells

I have a VX1 apparently with a bad charger that is slowly discharging while I get a replacement 144v charger.

I am curious if this 144v charger would do the job if the bike was only charged at home:

I have not had any luck getting the old charger out either, can't get the fairing off despite viewing several youtube tutorials, simply can not find the bolts.

In the mean time, I have a 24v lead acid charger on hand and also a 72v one.
Could I use it safely on subsets of the battery pack and, if so, what is a good way to go about doing that? Sets of 3 or sets of 4, must I disconnect the modules I am charging from the rest of the pack and so on.
Also should I disconnect the battery pack from the charger or what should I disconnect to help prevent discharge?

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