Current Motor Company Scooter C140

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Current Motor Company Scooter C140

I have a Current Motor Company Scooter for sale. I know the batteries will not hold or take a charge. I started to disassemble the bike. Notices signatures on it from the manufacturer owners.
I know nothing about these bikes and i would like to see someone buy it before I completely dismantle it and scrap most of it.
I do have the title for it. Please contact me for questions. the color is blue and it is the C 140 model. Will provide pictures upon request.
Thank you

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Re: Current Motor Company Scooter C140


You didn't mention where the scooter is located, but it is presumably not near Pittsburgh, PA? Did the scooter run before the pack "wouldn't hold a charge"? My experience is that the cells don't go completely dead like that.

We'd really appreciate it if at least you could hold onto some key, easy to ship parts to sell that don't take up a lot of room - I may be interested in some of them:

1. The hub motor/rear rim assembly

2. The motor controller (left side),

3, The charger - especially if it is the updated fanless TC charger (right side)

4. The BMS (two modules under the front bodywork)

5. The BCU/DC-DC converter fuse/switch assembly (aluminum boxes and bracket in the forward under seat area mounted on top of the battery pack) - although most Current scooters that stopped running did do becsaue of a failure of the BCU from the heat of the DC-DC converter mounted in the same box - a terrible design mistake.

6. The rear swing arm.

7. and the twist throttle.

Every other part is readily available from Chinese scooter part-sellers and is not worth a whole lot. Scrap steel is netting a pretty good amount - 12-15 cents a pound right now btw...

Paul D.

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